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Moving to Nelson at the age of 9, Gary spent much of his early years in Stoke. Leaving high school after obtaining his school certificate, Gary spent the next 5 years training with the NZPO to become a skilled telecommunication linesman.

During the early stages of his career Gary spent time in both Australia and New Zealand. It was during this time Gary met his wife, Lynley with whom he spent 8 months travelling the world with. Returning to Australia, the pair married and had their first son, Luke.

The rigorous travelling and long working hours began to take its toll when a child was added to the mix, prompting Gary and Lynley to head home to New Zealand in 1988.

Upon his return to New Zealand, Gary joined forces with old school mates, Gary Adcock. Together they formed Adcock & Donaldson Contracting. Around this time, Gary and Lynley had their second child, Kate.

“We spent the next 22 years growing the business then in August 2012 took full ownership of the contracting company which was rebranded to Donaldson Civil in early 2013. The company has gone from strength to strength since the change in ownership.”

Gary enjoys spending time with his family, always making the effort to squeeze in an annual family holiday; even when business demands are high. As a family they enjoy boating, camping and motocross. Both Gary and son Luke have competed in motocross competitions on a regular basis throughout the country. They have ridden across the Simpson Desert and Cape York in Australia as well as around Mt Ruapehu with a group of mates. Gary also enjoys mountain biking throughout the Nelson region, as well as keeping in shape at a local gym, when time permits.

“We have been involved in several property syndicates and enjoy the challenges of developing paddocks into serviced sections. The HLS concept is exciting to be involved with.”

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