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HLS is a syndicate of four local Nelson lads who set out to create affordable new homes in the Nelson region.

The group have been able to achieve this through having full control of the development process – from the point of section creation, right through to the design and build. Using their collective expertise they have minimized all of the costs across each stage of the building process.

Having successfully completed four developments, with two more developments currently selling and more in the pipeline, HLS offer a range of sections for home designs to suit all lifestyles.


Simon Collett

Simon was born and raised in Nelson. After leaving Waimea College he attended Nelson Polytechnic, completing a Carpentry course. Gaining high achievement in this course, Simon found employment as an apprentice builder with a local company.

Andrew Spittal

Andrew is a born and bred Nelson boy, completing his secondary education at Waimea College. Rugby was a big part of Andrew’s early years, representing Nelson at a national provincial level. Andrew’s working life began with a butcher’s apprenticeship.

Graham Vercoe

A local Nelson lad, Graham spent his early years moving between Stoke and Richmond where he attended Waimea College. Graham entered the industry through an apprenticeship in Carpentry & Joinery with local firm W.E Wilkes.

Gary Donaldson

Moving to Nelson at the age of 9, Gary spent much of his early years in Stoke. Leaving high school after obtaining his school certificate, Gary spent the next 5 years training with the NZPO to become a skilled telecommunication linesman.
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