Why invest in property in the Nelson Tasman region?


Real estate is a favourite investment choice for many New Zealanders and Overseas Investors. Nelson is fast becoming a sought after region for property investing with some of the best population growth in the South Island, fantastic lifestyle, thriving economy and wonderful climate.

Nelson – Population Trends

  • Nelson’s population is expected to grow by 3,600 residents over the next ten years, to 53,300 in 2025, at an average annual growth rate of 0.7 percent.
  • Nelson’s population is likely to grow by a further 2,700 over the 20 years between 2025 and 2045, to 56,000 in 2045, at an average annual growth rate of 0.2 percent.

Nelson – Households

  • The number of households in Nelson is projected to increase by 2,200 in the ten years between 2015 and 2025, to 22,600.
  • The number of households in Nelson is projected to increase by another 2,300 in the twenty years between 2025 and 2045, to 24,900, with 59 percent of the increase projected to be in Stoke.

* Nelson Population and Household Projections provided by Statistics New Zealand

Nelson – Rental Properties

  • 1 in 10 tenants is a Brit. These are new entrants to Nelson and will rent for the first 12 – 24 months while they acclimatise to the area and identify where they want to actually live.
  • Home ownership in Nelson is becoming less achievable meaning a larger tenant pool to accommodate i.e. in the 2001 Census, there were 17,000 who own the home they live in and 13,00 renting. In 2013 the ownership has increased to 21,000 and renters have increased to 16,000.
  • Average rents in Nelson are increasing. In 2007 the average rent was $380 pw. It is now $425 pw. That’s an increase of 12% in the last eight years.
  • We are achieving above market rents for 3 and 4 bedroom homes currently.


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